Services at J.A. Street & Associates


Working with the client to determine the “do-ability” of the project and which of the many options available, from turn-key package purchase through leasing, meets their unique requirements.

Site Selection & Acquisition

Finding and securing the right site is as important as the building itself. The site selected should accommodate the client’s needs - both now and in the future.

Economic Analysis/Financing

Value planning is budgeting a cost-effective facility to meet the client’s needs within a realistic financial framework.

Energy Management

Efficient energy management through state-of-the-art technology and a common sense eye on tomorrow - a necessity, a key to survival.

Building Design & Engineering

Design and engineering calls upon the insightful expertise of professionals who cause a concept to become a cost-effective reality.

Pre-Construction Planning

Scheduling, anticipating, programming the project.


An experienced, full-time superintendent is assigned to each project to coordinate, schedule and supervise all subcontractors and manage the entire construction process.