Quality at J.A. Street & Associates

J. A. Street and Associates, Inc. strives to achieve excellence in all our work. From the planning stage through completion of the project, we manage details to ensure the highest level of quality by employing five major components of Quality Assurance:

1. Planning:

Develop and organize a plan to maximize efficiency and quality.

2. Management:

Consistently encourage high-quality workmanship by providing a stable, clean, safe environment in which to work.

3. Communication:

Develop open communication among team members and process all information in a timely manner.

4. Techniques:

Constantly implement and improve upon efficient methods for the construction process.

5. Accuracy:

Do it right the first time.
J. A. Street and Associates, Inc. takes an approach to ensuring quality that begins with people. Management personnel are responsible for providing a quality product. It is their responsibility to understand the company’s role in achieving the Owner’s objectives and to establish and implement the plan required to efficiently achieve these objectives.